Penelopean Ulysses

She gets tired of waiting

in the hope:

He will want

And love her.

It has been decades

She has started this shawl.

Each row of knitting

Cries out for yearnings

Things past will return.

Ulysses is here

After long voyages.

His mind remains

On distant shores.

Penelope has pulled the yarn.

She reduced her work

To sad color balls.

Her needles worked anew

The heart he had destroyed.

She does not knit now:

Why will she waste

Fingers, yarn, and needles?

Penelope conks out:

“Ulysses, go back

To your mermaids!

You are far below my salt”.

3 thoughts on “Penelopean Ulysses

  1. Penelope, in this poem, is a woman that has woken up to the burden Ulysses has been discarding in her life. The lady-in-waiting does not wait on him anymore. Penelope is free when she endorses her strength as a woman.


  2. monamerker

    Very sad and beautiful. A reminder of the Penelope in all of us, waiting for true love to come back, perhaps forgetting that it was only true for a moment.



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